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Ready or Not

Guess who’s back?

Let me first start off by apologizing to all of my dolls. I cannot stress how sorry I am for abandoning my blog. It has been a wild two years, filled with many experiences and life lessons. With that being the case, I bring to you Barbies tips, back by popular demand. I will post my old tips, however, I will be creating new ones, incorporating “the new me”. My hiatus has given me time to mature, and develop into a better Barbie.

One thing about the real Barbie is that… Well, that bitch does it all! One day she’s president and the next, she’s on her way to the moon… Fashion Designer Barbie, Chef Barbie, Babysitting Barbie… Hell, what can’t she do? As silly as it seems, we can all learn something from her. How to be open-minded, how to manage our time, and how to have a good time. Oh, and let’s not forget the most important lesson… How to be independent. Disagree with me? The facts are all there. Barbie was the HBIC in every operation, occupation, sport, hobby, or whatever else that she did. Who is Ken? I mean, really… She cut him off so long ago.

Back to my main point, which is it’s time to get prepared for new tips… And you thought that it couldn’t get more fierce than this? Honey, please… You all should know by now that Barbie is unpredictable.

Ready or not,

I’m back.

XO -Barbie.